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Gloriana Lorikeet is an over-dyed 9-ply 100% Australian Wool. Perfect for embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, punchneedle and counted-thread. It may be plied down to one strand to stitch on 32 count linen or use in any combination of 1 to 9 ply.

Lorikeet has shades within a color so you may find between 1 and 5 shades of a color in the list below. Skeins are available in 6 yard, 40 yard, 100 yard, 200 yard and 430 yard lengths. Most shops carry only the 6 yard skeins but other sizes can be special ordered by your local needlework shop.

You may also print a alphabetical checklist of colors or numerical checklist of colors to help keep track of your inventory. The checklist is a PDF file and is readable with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

Get Adobe Acrobat

000W1 - Soft White
000W1 Soft White
001W1 - Charcoal Pastel
001W1 Charcoal Pastel
001W2 - Charcoal Light
001W2 Charcoal Light
001W3 - Charcoal
001W3 Charcoal
001W4 - Charcoal Dark
002W1 - Silver Fox Pastel
002W2 - Silver Fox Light
002W2 Silver Fox Light
002W3 - Silver Fox
002W3 Silver Fox
002W4 - Silver Fox Dark
002W4 Silver Fox Dark
003W3 - Vanilla
003W3 Vanilla
003W4 - Vanilla Dark
003W4 Vanilla Dark
004W1 - Narcissus Pastel
004W1 Narcissus Pastel
004W2 - Narcissus Light
004W2 Narcissus Light
004W3 - Narcissus
004W3 Narcissus
004W4 - Narcissus Dark
004W4 Narcissus Dark
005W1 - Sterling Silver Pastel
005W1 Sterling Silver Pastel
007W1 - Valencia Pastel
007W1 Valencia Pastel
007W2 - Valencia Light
007W2 Valencia Light
007W3 - Valencia
007W3 Valencia
007W4 - Valencia Dark
007W4 Valencia Dark
010W3 - Winter Woods
010W3 Winter Woods
010W4 - Winter Woods Dark
010W4 Winter Woods Dark
012W2 - Rosewood Light
012W2 Rosewood Light
012W3 - Rosewood Medium
012W3 Rosewood Medium
012W4 - Rosewood Dark
012W4 Rosewood Dark
015W2 - Mint Green Light
015W2 Mint Green Light
015W3 - Mint Green
015W3 Mint Green
015W4 - Mint Green Dark
015W4 Mint Green Dark
016W2 - Holiday Green Light
016W2 Holiday Green Light
016W3 - Holiday Green
016W3 Holiday Green
019W3 - Tropical Sea
019W3 Tropical Sea
020W1 - Jewel Turquoise Pastel
020W1 Jewel Turquoise Pastel
020W2 - Jewel Turquoise Light
020W2 Jewel Turquoise Light
020W3 - Jewel Turquoise
020W3 Jewel Turquoise
020W4 - Jewel Turquoise Dark
020W4 Jewel Turquoise Dark
022W3 - Summer Sky
022W3 Summer Sky
022W4 - Summer Sky Dark
022W4 Summer Sky Dark
023W3 - Velvet Night Sky
023W3 Velvet Night Sky
029W1 - Periwinkle Pastel
029W1 Periwinkle Pastel
029W2 - Periwinkle Light
029W2 Periwinkle Light
029W3 - Periwinkle
029W3 Periwinkle
029W4 - Periwinkle Dark
029W4 Periwinkle Dark
038W3 - Rosa Linda
038W3 Rosa Linda
040W3 - Highland Meadow
040W3 Highland Meadow
041W1 - Autumn Gold Pastel
041W1 Autumn Gold Pastel
041W3 - Autumn Gold
041W3 Autumn Gold
041W4 - Autumn Gold Dark
041W4 Autumn Gold Dark
045W1 - Lacquered Gold Pastel
045W1 Lacquered Gold Pastel
045W2 - Lacquered Gold Light
045W2 Lacquered Gold Light
045W3 - Lacquered Gold
045W3 Lacquered Gold
045W4 - Lacquered Gold Dark
045W4 Lacquered Gold Dark
046W1 - Fallen Leaves Pastel
046W1 Fallen Leaves Pastel
046W2 - Fallen Leaves Light
046W3 - Fallen Leaves
046W3 Fallen Leaves
046W4 - Fallen Leaves Dark
046W4 Fallen Leaves Dark
048W1 - Spanish Moss Pastel
048W1 Spanish Moss Pastel
048W2 - Spanish Moss Light
048W2 Spanish Moss Light
048W3 - Spanish Moss
048W3 Spanish Moss
050W3 - Blue Grass
050W3 Blue Grass
051W1 - Slate Green Pastel
051W1 Slate Green Pastel
051W2 - Slate Green Light
051W2 Slate Green Light
051W3 - Slate Green
051W3 Slate Green
051W4 - Slate Green Dark
051W4 Slate Green Dark
062W3 - Cranberry
062W3 Cranberry
065W3 - Antique Pink
065W3 Antique Pink
066W1 - Highland Garden Pastel
066W1 Highland Garden Pastel
066W2 - Highland Garden Light
066W2 Highland Garden Light
066W3 - Highland Garden
066W3 Highland Garden
066W4 - Highland Garden Dark
066W4 Highland Garden Dark
070W1 - Rose Flame Pastel
070W1 Rose Flame Pastel
070W2 - Rose Flame Light
070W2 Rose Flame Light
070W3 - Rose Flame
070W3 Rose Flame
070W4 - Rose Flame Dark
070W4 Rose Flame Dark
071W3 - Winter Brook
071W3 Winter Brook
078W3 - Blue Hawaii
078W3 Blue Hawaii
079W3 - Monet's Pond
079W3 Monet's Pond
081W3 - Hydrangea
081W3 Hydrangea
081W4 - Hydrangea Dark
081W4 Hydrangea Dark
082W3 - Mango Sorbet
082W3 Mango Sorbet
083W1 - Blossoms Pastel
083W1 Blossoms Pastel
083W2 - Blossoms Light
083W2 Blossoms Light
083W3 - Blossoms
083W4 - Blossoms Dark
083W4 Blossoms Dark
084W1 - Laura's Garden Pastel
084W1 Laura's Garden Pastel
084W2 - Laura's Garden Light
084W2 Laura's Garden Light
084W3 - Laura's Garden
084W3 Laura's Garden
087W1 - Forest Pastel
087W1 Forest Pastel
087W2 - Forest Light
087W2 Forest Light
087W3 - Forest
087W3 Forest
087W4 - Forest Dark
087W4 Forest Dark
089W1 - Twilight Pastel
089W1 Twilight Pastel
089W2 - Twilight Light
089W2 Twilight Light
089W3 - Twilight
089W3 Twilight
089W4 - Twilight Dark
089W4 Twilight Dark
091W1 - Raspberry Parfait Pastel
091W1 Raspberry Parfait Pastel
091W2 - Raspberry Parfait Light
091W2 Raspberry Parfait Light
091W3 - Raspberry Parfait
091W3 Raspberry Parfait
091W4 - Raspberry Parfait Dark
091W4 Raspberry Parfait Dark
092W3 - Lucky Old Sun
092W3 Lucky Old Sun
092W4 - Lucky Old Sun Dark
092W4 Lucky Old Sun Dark
095W3 - Opulent Orange
095W3 Opulent Orange
096W4 - Summer Foliage Dark
096W4 Summer Foliage Dark
097W1 - Halloween Green Pastel
097W2 - Halloween Green Light
097W3 - Halloween Green
097W3 Halloween Green
098W3 - Peach Blush
098W3 Peach Blush
099W3 - Spring Green
099W3 Spring Green
099W4 - Spring Green Dark
099W4 Spring Green Dark
101W3 - Ada's Rainbow
101W3 Ada's Rainbow
101W4 - Ada's Rainbow Dark
101W4 Ada's Rainbow Dark
102W3 - Fresh Snow
102W3 Fresh Snow
103W3 - India Ink
103W3 India Ink
105W2 - Taupe Light
105W2 Taupe Light
105W3 - Taupe
105W4 - Taupe Dark
105W4 Taupe Dark
110W3 - Orchid
111W3 - Bright Orange
111W3 Bright Orange
112W1 - Harvest Grape Pastel
112W1 Harvest Grape Pastel
112W3 - Harvest Grape
112W3 Harvest Grape
112W4 - Harvest Grape Dark
112W4 Harvest Grape Dark
117W1 - Elizabethan Green Pastel
117W1 Elizabethan Green Pastel
117W2 - Elizabethan Green Light
117W2 Elizabethan Green Light
117W3 - Elizabethan Green
117W3 Elizabethan Green
117W4 - Elizabethan Green Dark
118W1 - Twilight Blue Pastel
118W1 Twilight Blue Pastel
118W2 - Twilight Blue Light
118W2 Twilight Blue Light
118W3 - Twilight Blue
118W3 Twilight Blue
118W4 - Twilight Blue Dark
118W4 Twilight Blue Dark
119W1 - Dried Pink Roses Pastel
119W1 Dried Pink Roses Pastel
119W2 - Dried Pink Roses Light
119W2 Dried Pink Roses Light
119W3 - Dried Pink Roses
119W3 Dried Pink Roses
119W4 - Dried Pink Roses Dark
119W4 Dried Pink Roses Dark
120W1 - Green Gables Light
120W1 Green Gables Light
120W2 - Green Gables Med. Light
120W2 Green Gables Med. Light
120W3 - Green Gables
120W3 Green Gables
120W4 - Green Gables Med. Dark
120W4 Green Gables Med. Dark
120W5 - Green Gables Dark
120W5 Green Gables Dark
121W3 - Holly Berry
121W3 Holly Berry
122W2 - Merry's Mauve Light
122W2 Merry's Mauve Light
122W3 - Merry's Mauve
122W3 Merry's Mauve
122W4 - Merry's Mauve Dark
122W4 Merry's Mauve Dark
126W1 - Cobblestone Pastel
126W2 - Cobblestone Light
126W2 Cobblestone Light
126W3 - Cobblestone
126W3 Cobblestone
126W4 - Cobblestone Dark
126W4 Cobblestone Dark
128W2 - Cherry Tart Light
128W2 Cherry Tart Light
128W4 - Cherry Tart Dark
128W4 Cherry Tart Dark
129W3 - Baby Corn
129W3 Baby Corn
130W3 - Sunflower
132W1 - Lavender Ice Pastel
132W1 Lavender Ice Pastel
133W1 - Pecan Pastel
133W1 Pecan Pastel
133W2 - Pecan Light
133W2 Pecan Light
133W3 - Pecan
133W4 - Pecan Dark
133W4 Pecan Dark
135W1 - Bellagio Pastel
135W1 Bellagio Pastel
135W2 - Bellagio Light
135W2 Bellagio Light
135W3 - Bellagio
135W3 Bellagio
135W4 - Bellagio Dark
135W4 Bellagio Dark
136W1 - Holiday Blue Pastel
136W1 Holiday Blue Pastel
136W2 - Holiday Blue Light
136W2 Holiday Blue Light
136W3 - Holiday Blue
136W3 Holiday Blue
136W4 - Holiday Blue Dark
136W4 Holiday Blue Dark
137BW1 - Rosebud Pink Pastel
137BW1 Rosebud Pink Pastel
137BW2 - Rosebud Pink Light
137BW2 Rosebud Pink Light
137BW3 - Rosebud Pink Medium
137BW3 Rosebud Pink Medium
137W3 - Rosebud
138W1 - Arctic Ice Pastel
138W1 Arctic Ice Pastel
138W2 - Arctic Ice Light
138W2 Arctic Ice Light
138W3 - Arctic Ice
138W3 Arctic Ice
138W4 - Arctic Ice Dark
138W4 Arctic Ice Dark
139W1 - Pomegranate Pastel
139W1 Pomegranate Pastel
139W2 - Pomegranate Light
139W2 Pomegranate Light
139W3 - Pomegranate
139W3 Pomegranate
139W4 - Pomegranate Dark
139W4 Pomegranate Dark
140W1 - Pigeon Pastel
140W1 Pigeon Pastel
140W2 - Pigeon Light
140W2 Pigeon Light
140W3 - Pigeon
140W3 Pigeon
140W4 - Pigeon Dark
140W4 Pigeon Dark
142W1 - Victorian Garden Pastel
142W1 Victorian Garden Pastel
142W2 - Victorian Garden Light
142W2 Victorian Garden Light
142W3 - Victorian Garden
142W3 Victorian Garden
142W4 - Victorian Garden Dark
142W4 Victorian Garden Dark
143W3 - Marc's April Mai
143W3 Marc's April Mai
145W1 - Blue Heron Pastel
145W1 Blue Heron Pastel
145W2 - Blue Heron Light
145W2 Blue Heron Light
145W3 - Blue Heron
145W3 Blue Heron
147W2 - Fiesta Light
148W2 - May Flowers Light
148W2 May Flowers Light
149W3 - Crimson
149W3 Crimson
151W1 - Cinnamon Pastel
151W1 Cinnamon Pastel
151W2 - Cinnamon Light
151W2 Cinnamon Light
151W3 - Cinnamon
151W3 Cinnamon
151W4 - Cinnamon Dark
151W4 Cinnamon Dark
152W1 - Tahoe Blue Pastel
152W1 Tahoe Blue Pastel
152W2 - Tahoe Blue Light
152W2 Tahoe Blue Light
152W3 - Tahoe Blue
152W3 Tahoe Blue
154W3 - Golden Olive
154W3 Golden Olive
155W1 - Denim Blue Pastel
155W1 Denim Blue Pastel
155W2 - Denim Blue Light
155W2 Denim Blue Light
155W3 - Denim Blue
155W3 Denim Blue
155W4 - Denim Blue Dark
155W4 Denim Blue Dark
157W2 - Pumpkin Light
157W3 - Pumpkin
158W1 - Cardinal Red Pastel
158W2 - Cardinal Red Light
158W3 - Cardinal Red
158W4 - Cardinal Red Dark
165W3 - Poppy Red
165W3 Poppy Red
166W1 - Coffee Bean Pastel
166W2 - Coffee Bean Light
166W3 - Coffee Bean
166W3 Coffee Bean
166W4 - Coffee Bean Dark
166W4 Coffee Bean Dark
167W3 - Garnet
167W3 Garnet
168W1 - Shell Pink Pastel
168W1 Shell Pink Pastel
168W2 - Shell Pink Light
168W2 Shell Pink Light
168W3 - Shell Pink (Antique Pink Dark)
168W3 Shell Pink (Antique Pink Dark)
171W3 - Cafe Au Lait
176W2 - French Blue Light
176W3 - French Blue
177W3 - Amethyst
177W3 Amethyst
181W2 - Shadows Light
181W3 - Shadows
182W3 - Pineapple
182W3 Pineapple
183W3 - Sweet Potato
184W3 - Nutmeg
184W4 - Nutmeg Dark
190W3 - Winter White
190W3 Winter White
198W1 - Celestial Blue Pastel
198W1 Celestial Blue Pastel
198W2 - Celestial Blue Light
198W2 Celestial Blue Light
198W3 - Celestial Blue Medium Light
198W3 Celestial Blue Medium Light
198W4 - Celestial Blue Medium
198W4 Celestial Blue Medium
198W5 - Celestial Blue Medium Dark
198W5 Celestial Blue Medium Dark
198W6 - Celestial Blue Dark
198W6 Celestial Blue Dark
200W1 - Leaf Green Pastel
200W1 Leaf Green Pastel
200W2 - Leaf Green Light
200W2 Leaf Green Light
200W3 - Leaf Green Medium Light
200W3 Leaf Green Medium Light
200W4 - Leaf Green Medium
200W4 Leaf Green Medium
200W5 - Leaf Green Medium Dark
200W5 Leaf Green Medium Dark
200W6 - Leaf Green Dark
200W6 Leaf Green Dark
202W1 - Nightshadow Blue Pastel
202W1 Nightshadow Blue Pastel
202W2 - Nightshadow Blue Light
202W2 Nightshadow Blue Light
202W3 - Nightshadow Blue Medium Light
202W3 Nightshadow Blue Medium Light
202W4 - Nightshadow Blue Medium
202W4 Nightshadow Blue Medium
202W5 - Nightshadow Blue Medium Dark
202W5 Nightshadow Blue Medium Dark
202W6 - Nightshadow Blue Dark
202W6 Nightshadow Blue Dark


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