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Welcome to Gloriana

NOTE December 2013

We have moved - please note our new address and fax number below. Our phone number remains the same.


Gloriana offers several lines of hand-dyed threads and ribbons for fine embroidery.

  • Duchess Silk is hand-dyed silk perle, perfect on 13 mesh canvas for all stitches and for satin or long stitches on 18 mesh canvas.

    Duchess Silk

  • Florimell is hand-dyed Au Ver à Soie® Soie d'Alger. This 7 ply silk has a wonderful luminous quality to it.


  • Lorikeet is a 9-ply 100% Australian wool. Suitable for all forms of embroidery it comes in a wide range of colors and shades.


  • Luminescence is an overdyed Soie 100/3 that comes in most of the same colors as Gloriana Silk.


  • Princess Perle is an exceptionally lustrous and shiny three ply, non-divisible perle thread ideal for 18 count canvas. It is also beautiful on 25 count linen and is approximately equivalent in size to cotton perle #5. Twisted more tightly than cotton perle, this silk perle has the sparkle and strength that cotton lacks.

    Princess Perle

  • Princess Perle Petite is overdyed Kanagawa 1000 denier continuous filament silk thread. This high quality and lovely thread is widely used by Crazy Quilters and is available from Gloriana in beautiful hand-dyed variegated colors. Gloriana Princess Perle Petite is also highly suitable for stitching on canvas and linen for both counted thread and surface embroidery.

    Princess Perle Petite

  • Silk Chenille is hand-dyed silk chenille suitable for couching and embellishment on a number of fabrics or stitching on 13 mesh canvas.

    Silk Chenille

  • 12-strand Silk Floss is a spun silk thread with silk's beauty, luster, and shine, but doesn't catch on your hands. The size of one strand is comparable to other stranded silks, such as Splendor, Soie Cristale, and Needlepoint Inc. Silk. Gloriana Silk is soft and remarkably easy to stitch with.

    12-Strand Silk

  • Silk Ribbons are lovely for embellishment or stitching and have been used in embroidery and quilting for many years. Gloriana Silk Ribbons are all hand-dyed, most in colors to match the 12-strand silk. Gloriana offers 4 mm, 7 mm and the hard-to-find 13 mm size.

    Silk Ribbon

  • Tudor Silk New is a 12 strand 120/2 silk floss. Each strand is approximately half the weight of a "normal" strand of silk floss, making this thread ideal for higher count stitching on 40 and 45 count fabrics. New in 2012!

    Tudor Silk

If you are a shop searching for where to purchase our ribbons and threads you'll find that information on our Wholesale Info page. If you are a stitcher looking for shops that carry our ribbons and threads, visit our Where to buy page.

For personal inventory lists you may print the following files. The files are in PDF file viewable with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

Gloriana Silk Floss, Silk Ribbons, Princess Perle, Princess Perle Petite and Luminscence, Florimell, Silk Chenille and Duchess Silk
Gloriana Silk Alphabetical Color Listing 
Gloriana Silk Numerical Color Listing
Gloriana Lorikeet
two column listing
Gloriana Lorikeet Alphabetical Color Listing
Gloriana Lorikeet Numerical Color Listing

Washing Gloriana silks

Gloriana silks are washable in cold water; washing instructions are on our new labels. In case the label doesn't have washing information, it is as follows: wash quickly with mild soap (such as Orvus), rinse thoroughly, and blot out all excess moisture immediately. Be sure that the rinse water runs clear before drying. Iron the piece dry using a warm, dry iron (do not use steam) placing the embroidery right side down on a clean, dry terry cloth towel and covering the wrong side with a pressing cloth.

If, as you iron, you see any sign of color bleeding rinse the piece immediately and start the drying process over again. Do not leave the piece to dry overnight since it would mean you won't be around if any last moisture escaping causes color bleeding.


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